Let there be Blog!

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Grand Opening of this: The emporium of the artistic, conceptualistic, characteristic and expressionistic on the communalistic arena of the web blog.

And if you can get your head around that then we’re already laughing.

For the sake of introduction I’m Bex; an illustrator and artist, and this is my online portfolio of the good, the mad and the beautiful, all tied together for your enjoyment. The aim of the game is to lead you by the hand into my illustrated world and keep you abreast of the good stuff as and when I’m cookin’ it up.

So thus far things are looking like this:

I recently authored Tick, a short graphic book in which a 19th century steampunk robot is discovered in a modern kitchen. The story touches on ideas of self worth and purpose as the narrator witnesses the robot’s realisation of his own redundancy due to technological developments.

To celebrate the completion and unleashing of the book on the unsuspecting British public, I did a book signing in the Dorking branch of Waterstones earlier this month.

The event was a huge success (partly, I like to think, due to the incomprehendable amount of flyering and postering that took place in the week prior!) and sold over 60 copies in just over two hours!

Massive thanks goes out to everyone for their support, especially the kind souls at Waterstones who were not only friendly and inviting, but also kept me in good supply of tea.

The little graphic novel is currently being sold in the Dorking and Guildford Branches of Waterstones and will be expanding further in the coming weeks with more book signings on the agenda.

And then world domination!


B x